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I am currently searching for high quality photos
of Marcia including press photos, candid shots, magazine articles and etc.

Anyone that has video capture capabilities that would like to grab some single frame photos of Marcia on "Welcome Back Kotter" and/or "M*A*S*H" and send them to me, it would be very well appreciated. I will give the grabber the credit on this page. Thanks.

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B/W Glamour Shot (54k)
B/W Welcome Back Kotter era (65k)
Color Photo (72k)
Color Photo (83k)
B/W from the TV program "Booker"(23k)
B/W Resume' Photo (45k)
B/W "Dream Girl" in the movie "Soup for One" (45k)
B/W Scene from the movie "Soup for One"(61k)
Recent 1999/2000 photo taken at some gala (43k)
Resume' Photo
Resume' Photo
Gabe Kaplin and Marcia Strassman from
"Welcome Back Kotter"
Gabe Kaplin and Marcia Strassman from
"Welcome Back Kotter"
Color cast photo from "Welcome Back Kotter"
1978 Photo of Marcia from "WBK"
B/W Resume' Photo. NEW!!!
Barry Bostwick & Marcia Strassman 1979
from "Once Upon a Family"NEW!!!
B/W Resume' Photo. My favorite!NEW!!!
January 28, 1979 Issue of "TV Channels" magazine which was inserted in "The News American", a Baltimore newspaper. This photo and story was in the interior pages. NEW!!!
Another resume' photo from the Kotter Years. Great photo. NEW!!!
May 17th 2003 - Marcia at ABC's 50th Anniversary party in L.A. Among the personalities on hand -- representing virtually every facet of ABC programming -- were Tim Allen, Drew Carey, Richard Chamberlain, Dick Clark, Farrah Fawcett, Dennis Franz, Jennifer Garner, Florence Henderson, Peter Jennings, Ted Koppel, Susan Lucci, Joan Lunden, John Madden, Penny Marshall, Al Michaels, Ryan O'Neal, John Ritter, Roseanne, Diane Sawyer, John Travolta, Barbara Walters, Oprah Winfrey and Henry Winkler.
Marcia at the 1993 world premiere of the film "The Fugitive" starring Harrison Ford. Location unknown.
Theatrical release - 08/06/1993
This tv guide entitled TV CHANNELS is an insert from THE NEWS AMERICAN, a Baltimore Md. newspaper no longer in publication. Date of this issue is May 21,1978. The front cover features a great color shot of actress MARCIA STRASSMAN from the tv comedy series WELCOME BACK KOTTER. On the inside front cover is a full page article about MISS STRASSMAN.

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Taken April 4th 2004,
Hollywood Collectors Show
Studio City, Ca.

( TV Guide, APRIL 17th 1976 )

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Marcia had a short music career years ago. These are photos of three of her singles. It is unknown if Star Gazer was commercially released.
ON UNI 55006 - Released in 1967
A female hippie singer, her single was co-written and produced by Jerry Goldstein.

Rare April 8th 1967 Ad from
Cash Box Magazine
for the song "The Flower Children"

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Rare 45 from June 1967 by Marcia Strassman doing the song The Groovy World Of Jack And Jill on both sides.UNI 55023 DJ copy.

( 1967 magazine story )

Rare 45 from 1967 by Marcia Strassman
UNI 55056 DJ copy.

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